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Academic Block

Academic Block for the class of 2021 and beyond(class of 2020 see section below)


Purpose of the Award
The Academic Excellence Award is designed to recognize and reward students who demonstrate and maintain Academic Excellence. Students interested in obtaining the Tier 1 Academic Block and/or Tier 2 Academic Honor Pin must meet the qualifications listed below and submit an application.

(Applications are being accepted from qualified Juniors and Seniors starting in Spring 2020)

Tier 1: Criteria to earn Academic Block
To be eligible for an Academic Block, 11th and 12th grade students must:
       Be a current American high school student with a minimum of 5 semesters in the U.S.
       Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above through the 5th semester as an 11th grader or 7th semester as a                
12th grader.
       Minimum of 95% present per year.
       No suspensions during AHS attendance
       Have completed at least 40 hours of community service (Service Learning Hours)

       If criteria is met, 11th graders, using 5 semester transcript and 12th graders using 7th semester transcript,                as an application, submit transcript to the College/Career Center by the deadline posted in the                              communication each year.
       Staff will verify GPA, Attendance and Service Hours.

 Academic Block will be distributed to the recipients.

Tier 2: Criteria to earn Academic Honor Pin
To be eligible for an Academic Pin, a student must:
      Already have been awarded an Academic Block
      Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of 1st semester senior year (7th semester).
      Maintained minimum of 95% present attendance per year.
      No suspensions during AHS attendance
      Completed 40 hours of community service (Service Learning Hours)

      If criteria is met, 12th grade student may use a 7 semester transcript as an application. Submit transcript               to the College/Career Center by the deadline posted in the communication each year.

       Staff will verify GPA, Attendance and Service Hours.

 Academic Pin Recognition
Academic Pin recognition will be announced at the Senior Awards Ceremony

Academic Block For the Class of 2020






AHS Eagle


  1. If you would like to be considered for this award, start by getting a transcript from Office K in the rotunda.
  2. Using the point system below, determine how many points you are awarded for each course. 
  3. Tally the points to determine if you have earned 1000 by the end of your first semester of senior year. 
  4. If you believe you meet the requirements, write Academic Award across the top of your transcript and submit to the Career Center no later than Tuesday, March 17, 2020.
  5. Students who qualify for an Academic Block Certificate do NOT NEED to purchase a Block. They will be presented to those who apply and qualify for it.


Due by Monday, March 16, 2020 in the Career Center 


AP/HONORS:  A = 50

                           B = 40


College Prep :  A = 40

                            B = 30


General:  A = 30

                  B = 20 

English Honors – 9, 10         English AP – 11, 12                                            

English CP – 9, 10, 11, 12

SDC (Sp. Ed.) English/Math/History/Health/Tutorial

European History AP

US History AP

Expository, Reading, Writing Course (ERWC)

Marketing 1, 2

American Government AP

AP Economics

American Government; Economics

Geometry and Foundational Algebra (GFA); Discovering Geometry; CCMath 3

Accelerated Algebra 2/Precalculus

World History; US History

Computer Operations; Media Arts; Geography; Civics; Intro to Computer Science

Geometry Honors



Alg 2/Trig Honors

California History; American Sports History

Leadership 1, Leadership 2 

Pre Calculus Honors

Algebra 2/Trig., Algebra 2 (Int. Algebra); Trigonometry

ELD/ESL 1, 2 Connections

AP Calculus AB, BC

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra 2

AVID 9, 10, & AVID Tutor

AP Statistics

Algebra 1; Geometry

Business Math

AP Computer Science A


Culinary Arts 1, 2 and Event Planning & Catering (CTE)

AP Computer Science Principles


Biology Honors, AP

Intro. to Statistics

Sculpture 1

Chemistry Honors, AP

Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry

Parent/Family Living

Physics Honors, AP Physics 1, 2, C

NGSS 1; Int. Science

Physical Education 9, 10, 11-12, Athletic PE

AP Environmental Science

Anatomy/Physiology, Adv. Anatomy

Team Sports 1,2; Wt. Training 1,2

French 4 Honors, 5AP, 6AP

Science (CP) – Physics in the Universe, Biology, Living Earth, Chemistry, Physics


Spanish 4 AP, 5AP

Marine Biology

TA/Office Assistant/Chemical Tech

Chinese 6 AP

Intro. Engineering Design ; Principles of Engineering;

Digital Electronics;  (PLTW)

RSP Tutorial/Core Support

AP Studio Art

American Sign Language 1, 2

ALL MVROP Courses (unless College Prep)

AP Psychology

French 1, 2, or 3


Living Earth Honors

Mandarin/Chinese 1, 2, 3, or 4


Principles of Engineering (H);

Digital Electronics (H)

Spanish 1, 2, or 3



 World Mythology; Legends and Folklore  


Dig. Photo 1, 2, 3



Architectural Design 1, 2, 3, 4



Art 1, 2, 3, 4 Studio Art



Band – Band1/Concert/Symphonic/




Guitar 1, 2



Choir 1, 2



Drama 1,2, 3, 4, Adv.



Journalism 1, 2; Publications 1, 2



Legends; World Mythology



Sculpture 2



ALL MVROP Courses with A-G Designation



Exploring Computer Science