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Beyond the Hours


Service Events

Most, if not all, of the events that American High School does are service events. Volunteers sign up and go together to help out a local organization or community, either by helping collect cans, by cheering on runners for an annual marathon, or making care packages for those who cannot provide for themselves. Our motto is "Service Above Self" and we are more than willing to help those in need.


Benefit Shows and Charity Dinners

All of the 13 areas in District 5170 host an annual benefit show and charity dinner. At these events, attendees get to enjoy watching many performances and acts from their fellow Interactors. All the money raised from the shows and dinners goes to our district projects, which help local and international communities. These events are where Interactors make some of the best memories in their Interact journey, so don't miss out!


Fundraisers and Merchandise

All of the 13 areas in District 5170 also have fundraisers and merchandise to raise money for our district projects! Restaurant and shop fundraisers have a percentage of their sales be donated to our projects so you can enjoy a meal or a drink while giving back to people in need. Merchandise can be purchased at many area and district events with surprise sales happening once in a while. Be sure to be on the lookout for that cute shirt you've been wanting to buy!