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Letters of Recommendation


Please note, that seniors must adhere to all letter of recommendation guidelines for college applications listed below. 


College Profile Packet Class of 2022

Please use the above link to access the Letter of Recommendation Profile Packet

Instructions for ordering your transcript for the Common App is at the bottom of this page. 

Important Information

Attention Seniors, class of 2022: 

If you are requesting a letter of recommendation, your profile packet MUST be submitted to your counselor by the following dates: 


Applying Early Decision/Early Action: Friday, September 10th


Applying Regular Decision: Friday, September 17th


Class of 2022, Letter of Recommendation Information in more detail:

If you are applying to a private university that requires a letter of recommendation from a counselor and /or teacher, you must do the following important steps:


1. Attend the Letter of Recommendation Workshop (date to be determined)

If you cannot attend the workshop, please speak with your counselor. This workshop is required to obtain a letter of recommendation. 

2. Complete Profile Packet*** (in the above link) and submit to counselor by deadline. 

3.  The profile packet is due to your counselor on: 

Applying Early Decision/Early Action: Friday, September 18th by 3:00pm

Applying Regular Decision: Friday, September 25th by 3:00pm

4.  See below about ordering your transcript through Parchment for Common App

Ordering Transcripts for Common Application

If you are applying to a private university using the Common Application, you must order your transcripts through Parchment.  

If you believe you might qualify for a transcript fee waiver, please speak to your counselor before ordering any transcripts.

Please follow the instructions below to complete this task:

  1. Create an account at and note your Common App ID. You will need it to make sure your transcript gets to the right place.

  2. Use the School Forms section of the Common App Online to invite your counselor to be a recommender. Doing this will trigger an email message to your counselor providing instructions on how to submit school forms online. Confirm with your counselor that he or she intends to submit school forms online.

  3. Log into your Parchment account ( and select the Common App tab.

  4. Provide your Common App ID – when prompted, confirm that the Common App ID and information (i.e. your name, colleges applied to, counselor name) are correct.

  5. Your transcript will be sent directly to the Common App Online system where it will be matched by your counselor with your school forms and submitted on your behalf.

  6. Once you have submitted your transcript to the Common App, your transcript is ready for submission to ALL of your Common App colleges. You do not need to submit one for each “C” college.

Grades 9th-11th: 

Summer Program/Internship Application Requiring a Letter of Recommendation:

Complete this profile packet and submit all required documents at least one month (4 weeks) prior to the application deadline.

Please note: students who are requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher need to speak with them individually at least one month prior to the deadline.