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Account Clerk

Jeanne Burch

Welcome to my site.  I am the Account Clerk and ASB Bookkeeper.  I have been at American High School since August 2001.  I am located in Office L, in the rotunda.  My office hours are Monday – Friday, from 7:30-3:30.  My lunchtime is 5th period.  Students are welcome to visit my office before school, at brunch, lunch and after school. 


I am the collection point for all monies which come into American High School, including all ASB monies, Yearbook purchases, Sport Donations, testing monies, i.e. PSAT and AP Tests, Grant monies and Gift & Donation monies.  I work closely with the ASB Treasurer to insure prompt payment on all vendor invoices and reimbursement requests. 


I support the teaching staff by working with the department heads to order all classroom supplies.  I process transportation and BART ticket requests, and compile debt lists for each student.  Parents, remember, when it comes to student debts, the debt is between your student and the teacher.  I am only the record keeper!  Any and all debt disputes must be resolved with the issuing teacher or Club Advisor. 


We currently accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. All checks should be made payable to American High School.