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Ohlone Community College

Important Dates to Remember

Step 1:                 Ohlone College Application Goes Live

  • March 1st available on-line  (Sometimes the application is live in February. Always check Ohlone's web-site)
  • WebAdvisor
  • Because you will be enrolling at Ohlone after you receive a high school diploma, make sure to mark that you have already graduated from high school, even though you will still be in high school when you are completing the application.
  • If you need to show residency or citizenship documentation, please bring it to the Admissions and Records Office (Building 1, first floor).  You will need to show this documentation before your Ohlone student ID# can be issued.


Need help with your application??


Step 2:                 Hands-On Application Workshop

  • Ohlone Counseling team will be on-site to help
  • Keep an eye on School Loop News for date and how to sign-up. Usually takes place in late February, early March. 


Step 3:                 Orientation - Freshmen Days

                                      Early Class Registration

  • Dates, time and location will be posted on Ohlone's web-site
  • You must take the placement test prior to attending Freshman Days.

*ALL high school seniors and their parents are invited to Freshman Day at Ohlone campus.  Ohlone will provide the traditional orientation information & workshops.  In the afternoon, students will meet with counselors and register for classes.  Ohlone will have a separate program for parents in the morning and then they will meet up with their students for the registration portion. 


Completing an Online Application

  • Go to the Ohlone home page at
  • Click on the “WebAdvisor” link, located in the top right hand corner. (
  • Click on “Apply for Admission Online.”
  • Read through the first page and click on “Begin Application for Ohlone College.”
  • Since you will be a first-time user of this program, click “New User” to create an account with the username and password. Make sure you use a password that you can remember.  Click “Create My Account” when finished entering the necessary information.
  • Go through the questions on each page of the online application.  After each page is completed, click “Next” at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next page.  If you don’t answer a question completely, you will be redirected to this question before proceeding to the next page.
  • After completing the last page of the application, click “Submit Completed Application.”


Registering for Classes


In order to register for classes via the Web, students must first get a Web Services Account: 

Step 1: Go to the Ohlone home page at

Step 2: Click on the “WebAdvisor” link, located at the top right hand corner

Step 3: Click on “Sign up for WebAdvisor access (It’s FREE!).”

Step 4: Under Step 2 on the displayed web page, click “I need an Ohlone College web services account.”

Step 5: Complete all required fields to create your own password and reminder.  Hit “Submit” to get ID for Web Services account.

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your request for a Web Advisor access, which will include your user name.  Usually this is emailed to you almost immediately. 
  • Once you have a user name, go back to the Ohlone home page ( and click the “WebAdvisor” link in the upper right hand corner. 
  • You can then click the “Students” box at the right side of the page.  
  • Next you can click on “Log In” and enter your User ID and Password, and hit “Submit.”
  • If you wish to sign up for classes, click “Register for Sections” under the “Registration listing.
  • You will then need to click “Search and Register for Sections.”

Other services available using WebAdvisor:

  • View class schedule
  • View placement test scores
  • Make a payment
  • Drop a class
  • Waitlist for a filled class
  • Select preferred classes before registration